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Keskinoğlu, Manisa, Turkey

In the medical sector, production requires the application of and compliance with important standards. In this regard, one of the most important standards is the Class 100000 Cleanroom. To comply with this standard we had to invest in a ventilation system enabling even and effective air dispersion in the production areas. After we examined the FabricAir product line we decided that this was the most effective solution for us. In addition, being able to clean the ducts by washing them is an excellent feature for companies who are forced to produce in sterile environment.

After we started to use FabricAir Dispersion Systems employee health problems decreased rapidly. The high levels of sick leaves and other absences were primarily caused by bad cooling performance and severe draft issues. Especially in places with low ceilings, our workers had been exposed to high levels of cold drafts. After they replaced the system with a state of the art air dispersion system from FabricAir the majority of these absences were eliminated.

Mehmet Sevim
Chief of Technical Department for Cooling Rooms
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