Air directional Nozzles and Jet diffusers

FabricAir offers multiple Linear Flow Models (LFM), however some are more suitable for applications that require extra precision. As the air is discharged from the duct, the air jet begins to expand and the momentum of the air jet is spread to all of the air that is entrained. With NozzFlow and JetFlow there is more momentum to be spread because these methods have a discharge coefficient between .9-.98 vs .62 for SonicFlow and OriFlow. In practical terms, the air leaves the duct closer to perpendicular, therefore allowing the air to penetrate further in the direction in which it is "aimed". Most applications can be satisfied by the latter two methods but some, like trying to get air down a narrow aisle of a food storage facility, require higher precision.


FabricAir nozzle versus ordinary orifices

Comparison of nozzles (left) and ordinary orifices (right).
Supply air from conventional orifices is pulled along the length of the duct reducing throw. This is not the case using FabricAir nozzles texhnology, where supply air is perpendicular to the duct creating longer throws.

Nozzles and Jet diffusers increase the throw length by accelerating the flow of air through the reduced diameter of the opening formed by the device.


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