No bacteria growth

If you have an application that is likely to deposit harmful bacteria on the duct, such as food processing, FabricAir inhibits bacterial growth in three ways:

a) the ability to wash the duct should any dirt accumulate on the surface;

b) permeable fabric adds condensation free properties which diminishes bacterial growth;

c) anti-microbial coating of polyester ducts prevents bacteria growth. 

FabricAir ducts are available with an anti-microbial coating that meets Oeko-Tex standards. Bacterial contamination is inherent to some applications, such as food...

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Los conductos FabricAir están fabricados en poliéster al 100 %, lo que los convierte en la elección higiénica para su distribución de aire. El poliéster es una...

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Permeable FabricAir ducts are ideal for providing draft-free cold air supply while simultaneously preventing the formation of condensation on the duct surface....

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