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SkyZone, USA

This project had ceiling restrictions in a mezzanine area that demanded an rectangular duct profile to maximise headroom in an area with a floor to ceiling height of seven foot. FabricAir Engineering created a custom solution to solve the space restriction issue.

“FabricAir was great to work with, coming in on time and on budget. They even sent a technician to Fargo to help our HVAC contractor, who had never worked with a fabric duct system before. When we made a last minute change to our plan that effected the duct layout, FabricAir redesigned the duct and immediately shipped an oval duct to replace part of our original round duct. I will definitely call FabricAir on our next project!”

Bruce Karevold, SkyZone, Fargo, ND, USA

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The FabricAir rectangular duct is a fully customizable duct option. This duct profile is typically required if there is not enough space to fit a round duct.

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