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SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena
SE Arena

SE Arena, Vojens, Denmark

Kunde eller projektnavn SE Arena
By Vojens
Land Denmark
Jobkategori Ice Rink
Fabric Trevira CS 100
Farvenavn Wit
Ophængsløsning Type 8, AIO customized
Samlet luftmængde 70.000 m3/h
Flowmodeller FabFlow™, NozzFlow™

Keeping the ice cold and the spectators comfortable

Two separate air flows ensure ideal environments on the ice as well as in the seats.



SE Arena in Vojens, Denmark is a newly build multipurpose arena that hosts up to 5,000 spectators during a game.

A multi-purpose arena requires a lot from its air-conditioning solution that supplies cooling as well as heating. The indoor environment must be pleasant for athletes as well as spectators, and there are varying demands based on the use of the space, e.g. hockey games, gymnastics or events.



We delivered a custom solution consisting of two different air dispersion systems. One sends cooled air to the playing field where the ideal air temperature is 3°C (37°F); the other directs warmer air, 12°C (54°F), toward the audience for superior comfort during the game.

By utilizing two separate air flows we ensure ideal conditions for all users. The air volume is 70,000 m3/h dispersed at extremely low velocities, which prevents uncomfortable drafts.

The solution also comprises a section by the stage area that can be temporarily removed during off season events. This ~21m section is suspended by Type 8 AIO suspension to facilitate quick removal and reinstallation.



The result is a multi-purpose arena with a superior indoor climate for athletes, spectators and ice. The solution works perfectly whether the activities call for cooling or heating and regardless of the number of occupants.

“We are satisfied with the solution., as we can keep the predefined set values, even when the arena is full. At a recent event we had 4,700 spectators and we had no problems keeping the set values for temperature and CO2. The installation changes about 70,000 m3an hour and the fabric ducting works well.” Said Hans Lundgaard, Technical Manager, Vojens Hallerne.

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