Advantages of FabricAir in Supermarkets

Advantages of FabricAir in Supermarkets


Using FabricAir’s flexible air engineering technology offers many advantages in supermarkets and other retail facilities.

The solutions are tailored to the specific store and the air flow is customized to each department’s unique requirements.

Key functionality of a FabricAir dispersion solutions in a supermarket are:

  • Solving issues with condensation, drafts, temperature fluctuations and air quality
  • Air curtains to improve work environment at the checkout line
  • Eliminating draft issues to create maximum comfort for shoppers and employees
  • Temperature control to improve shelf life and reduce waste
  • Removing condensation on refrigerators
  • Better preserving fruits & vegetables
  • Greater hygiene and better food preservation in deli & meat departments
  • Unify temperature in cold storage
  • Help refrigerators, freezers and cooled display units running properly
  • Realizing a significant energy savings potential
  • Improved acoustic environment


Quicker Installation – significant savings potential

Mounting air dispersion ducts in a supermarket is done four to five times faster with FabricAir Dispersion Systems than with conventional solutions. On a given project the savings potential can be as much as 70%.

The FabricAir Dispersion System is connected to the air handling unit air via the inlet. Duct sections are zipped together and no welding or insulating is needed. Zipping sections is one of the secrets of fast installation. The aluminum suspension system is another. Using H-rail, T-rail or Cable suspension systems enable fast hardware mounting and quick duct installation using sliders or bulb edge solutions.


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Flexible Design

The flexible design and tailormade nature of the system means it will work in any supermarket or retail store. A FabricAir Dispersion System consists of a combination of three elements: fabric, flow model and suspension. The solution is designed by our air engineering experts to suit the specific space and each department’s unique requirements, using proprietary 3D software.

The system design is highly flexible and will suit any space regardless of whether the store has high ceilings, suspended ceilings or reduced ceiling height. Ducts can be mounted directly onto the ceiling using a D shaped duct profile with bulb edge or sliders for quick installation. With a quarter round profile, the duct can go closer to walls and take up even less space.

The wide color selection ensures an aesthetic match to the interior of the store; it can be a playful mix of colors or an almost invisible design that blends into the interior. Logo prints is another feature that allows for store customization.

Flow models direct the air currents and each flow model comes with individual benefits. Combining medium velocity flow model technologies, such as SonicFlow™ or NozzFlow™ with low impulse models like MicroFlow™ and FabFlow™ ensures the ideal setup for the store, factoring in the unique layout and challenges. Combining SonicFlow™ and MicroFlow™ creates a mix of thermal displacement and gentle stirring, whereas high ceilings call for a combination of NozzFlow™ and SonicFlow™. The combination will be uniquely tailored to the space.


A costs-efficient solution

The overall cost of a FabricAir Dispersion System offers significant savings compared to conventional metal solutions. The technology eliminates the use of grilles, diffusors, dampers, insulation and painting, and no onsite attenuation is needed, as it arrives fully tailored and balanced to the space.

Technology, engineering and design delivers unrivalled performance; no other solution brings this many benefits into ventilation.


LowNoise™ technology

Supplying fresh air on the shop floor is essential to the comfort and wellbeing of customers and employees alike. With LowNoise™ technology the ventilation system is virtually silent, which generates a more pleasant shopping and work environment.


Energy savings potential

Using FabricAir Dispersion Systems realizes an energy savings potential of up to 40% but to the finesse of the air flow technology. The technology offers a low pressure drop and through combining relevant flow models the engineer designs the optimal air flow specifically tailored for the space it which the system is installed.