Enjoying a superior indoor environment

Enjoying a superior indoor environment

Correct air dispersion is draft-free, minimizes sick leave and increases comfort. It has positive effects on the durability of buildings and equipment by eliminating condensation and preventing dampness and mold growth.

Air dispersion is the key to a functional, healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Owners and occupants reap the benefits.

Regardless of the application, FabricAir solutions deliver unrivalled air dispersion. The design takes key factors, such as the purpose of the air, into account. It could be fresh air supporting production processes, cooling or heating for comfort, and so forth.

By creating the right dispersion patterns, drafts and condensation are eliminated. This helps to minimize absence due to illness and it significantly increases occupant comfort. In addition, it eliminates mold and bacteria growth, dampness, and other typical indoor climate issues, thus it also has positive effects on the durability of buildings and equipment.

1. Unrivalled technical performance

The technology behind FabricAir dispersion systems offers unrivalled technical performance. Fabric-based air dispersion creates an even air distribution with ideal mixing, taking all relevant room dimensions and requirements into account.

The infinite design possibilities ensure a system which suits the layout of any building perfectly, creating the ideal indoor environment irrespective of whether the application is isothermal, heating, cooling or a combination there of.

When using FabricAir dispersion technology condensation is not a problem and the smart air solutions are both hygienic and easy to maintain. They are tailored in fireproof materials and offer excellent sound-technical properties, which further add to a comfortable environment.

2. High-level occupant comfort with no drafts

A high air change at low velocity is one of the secrets to creating unrivalled indoor air quality without drafts. The other is to distribute the air evenly across the room, thus eliminating hot and cold spots and dead zones.

FabricAir dispersion technology offers the best solution on the market when it comes to proper and comfortable distribution of air.

3. Lower energy bill — save up to 40%

The energy consumption in buildings represent almost 40% of the total energy consumption of modern industrialized countries, such as Denmark. Heating, ventilation and lighting is what primarily consumes energy, thus the savings potential is significant.

Due to the efficient air distribution, leading to fast room temperature equalization, and as a result of the lower static pressure needed to run a smart air solution, FabricAir dispersion technology offers savings of up to 40% on the running costs of the air dispersion system.

4. An aesthetic solution

Especially in comfort applications the aesthetics of the air dispersion solution plays an important role. FabricAir dispersion technology offers a wide range of profiles, ranging from discreet D-ducts and semi-ovals to large, heavy duty systems.

The technology offers full design flexibility making it easy to create an air dispersion system that blends into its surroundings or purposely stands out as a playful element.

5. Minimal maintenance

With the proper prefilter a FabricAir dispersion system can be designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Dust and other particles will not settle inside the ductwork, and by using permeable fabrics to create an air blanket surrounding the duct, particles cannot settle on top of the ducting either.

If for some reason there’s a need for cleaning, the ducts can be unzipped and vacuumed or taken down and laundered. In certain applications, like food production, regular laundering is a requirement and fabric-based ducting is ideal because it’s easy to take down and it can handle autoclave sterilization processes.

6. Up to 70% savings on total installed costs

Installing a FabricAir dispersion system is 4-5 times quicker than installing a metal equivalent. This is due to technological advantages like the lightweight nature of fabric ducting, the simple suspension solutions and the fact that there’s no need for on-site attenuation or balancing.

In addition to the savings on installation time and man hours, there is a significant savings potential in the compact storageease of transportation and efficient use of materials.

Selecting a fabric-based air dispersion system instead of metal ducting can generate savings of up to 70% on total installed costs. Everywhere you would use exposed metal ducts, you can achieve design advantages and significant saving by switching to FabricAir’s smart air solutions.

Case studies

Nestle Purina, Sudbury, United Kingdom

XianTan Chicken, China

Watermarc, Greensborough, Australia

Rock climbing gym: Canyon Escalade, Canada

DaLian Swimming Center, China

Eldor Corporation, Izmir, Turkey

Restaurante Sansui, Zaragoza, Spain

Malmo Messecenter, Malmo, Sweden