Water Sports

Water Sports
  • No condensation
  • No corrosion
  • Precisely controlled airfl ows
  • High air change at low velocity
  • Improved IAQ and occupant safety
  • Minimal vaporization of pool water
  • Customized to each individual zone and its unique requirements
The most common challenges facing HVAC engineers when designing solutions for water sport facilities is the risk of corrosion and a need to ensure a constant airfl ow across the water, without generating too high evaporation. 
The harsh environment puts a toll on conventional metal solutions, leading to stress corrosion cracking. Created from polyester fi bers, a FabricAir dispersion system is not degraded by the harsh environment, and condensation does not form on the ductwork. The airfl ow can even be used to sweep condensation from other surfaces, such as windowpanes. 
The systems are designed for a minimum, but constant and even airfl ow across the water surface. 
Our suspension systems are all made in anti-corrosion optimized materials, suitable the humid environment.