Engineering tailor made air dispersion systems

We use proprietary 3D software to design your air dispersion system. Regardless of the design complexity our quality processes ensure delivery on target and on time. Technical flexibility of the system combined with environmental aspects and economic advantages are just some of the reasons why our air dispersion system has gained popularity with architects, developers and contractors worldwide, who often convert conventional metal ducting into fabric systems. Anything that can be done in metal can be done in fabric.
Fabric air dispersion is a fast growing segment. The lightweight nature of FabricAir’s system makes it ideal for a number of applications incl. temporary structures, like tents and exhibition halls, and retrofitting existing buildings. The anti-corrosive qualities make it hugely popular in sports arenas, natatoriums, industrial kitchens and not least cooling and freezing applications, where conventional metal ducting has significant shortcomings. The hygienic properties and the anti-microbial option makes it superior in food processing, food storage and medical applications. And the comfort created by the bespoke flow models make the indoor climate superior to conventional metal systems.