Adjustable Cable Drops SS are hung from the building structure and connect to cable or H-rail suspension systems. The Adjustable Cable Drop spacing is determined from the installation instructions provided with each order.
This animation shows you how to easily install the Internal 360° Hoops shape retention option. The hoops are factory installed up to Ø660 [26in]. The Internal 360° Hoops ensures 360° support regardless of the duct diameter. It is easy and quick to install and removal the hoops and requires no special tools. The fiberglass rods are simply inserted from the outside of the duct. The shape retention solution keeps the duct visually appealing even when the airflow is off - the duct is kept open during shutdown (100%).
Elbows come in many different angles; the angle can be identified on the number of gores on the elbow. This is useful to know as the elbow angle will look different depending on whether it’s lying flat or hanging. As an example, a 90° angle looks like it is only 45° when laying flat, but you can recognise it on the number of gores - in this case four. This video walks you through how to identify the angle on an elbow and also how to install it in the system.
Temporary structures, like those used during the biannual Farnborough International Airshow, use lightweight fabric ducting to create a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment for the exhibitions’ visitors. In an interview, Mark White, Director at Carrier Rental Systems, explains why he finds FabricAir dispersion systems are the perfect fit for this purpose.
The FabricAir® VarioDuct™ is an innovative air dispersion duct that combines two separate airflows, optimized for different scenarios, in the same duct. Using the FabricAir® VarioDuct™ it is no longer necessary to compromise comfort and airflow quality by optimizing for average conditions with a less pronounced Delta T. The two separate sections enable ideal performance regardless of the changing conditions created by seasonal variations and heat generating production processes.