Adding value to your indoor air quality

Smart Air Solutions

Adding value to your indoor air quality

Quality & Certification

Our brand builds on trust and quality. We are ISO 9001 certified and our fabrics meet the leading standards and national codes. This is your guarantee that your air solution represents the highest standards. 

Innovation & Technology

We are experts in the latest air engineering technology and apply state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to create micro perforations and other flow models. Regardless of the complexity of your application we deliver a smart air solution with superior comfort and ideal air dispersion to match your needs.

Design & Engineering

We custom engineer each order and provide 3D drawings and air flow calculations with no added costs. Technical flexibility combined with environmental aspects and economic advantages makes us a preferred partner to architects, developers and contractors worldwide.

Advice & Support

Our highly skilled engineering consultants are only a phone call away. We provide technical advice in all phases from development to installation.

Fast delivery & Easy installation

We deliver punctually. 99.4% of our orders arrive on time or earlier. Our average lead time from order release to arrival at customer is <13 days. Our solutions are easy to install and we provide installation supervision for your convenience and reassurance.