Enjoying a superior indoor environment

“Being responsible for our global energy optimization program, I am always looking for innovative solutions. 

FabricAir dispersion systems are a valuable alternative to conventional metal ducting and provides significant savings. 

Due to the low weight of the fabric, we can add the solution to existing production facilities without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

The even air dispersion creates comfort in the occupant zone and the solution is easy to reconfigure if we need to remodel our production facilities. 

We appreciate the good customer support. Having a local point of contact makes it easy for us to use FabricAir across the globe.”


Manager of GS-RBT, Senior Consultant HVAC,
Danfoss Global Service

Air dispersion is the key to a functional, healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Irrespective of the application, we provide solutions with superior air dispersion, taking into account the purpose of the air, e.g. process supporting fresh air flows, comfort cooling or heating, and so forth.

Owners and occupants reap the benefits. Correct dispersion of fresh, warm or cool air eliminates drafts and condensation, minimizes sick leave and significantly increases comfort. It even has positive effects on the durability of buildings and equipment through elimination of e.g. mold growth, dampness, and other known problems within facility management.