We make being on time and budget easy

“Being competitive in today’s construction industry comes down to my ability to hand over on time and within the budget. Fabric ducting is a good source for value engineering gains and working with FabricAir is a pleasure, as I know they always deliver on time. The solution is compact and ready to install, so I don’t have to store large quantities of heavy components on site.”

Baris Suri, Mechanical Engineer
SiS-TeK Sistem Mühendislik Teknoloji Tic. Ve San. A.Ş., Turkey

As a contractor you are part of a value chain relying heavily on suppliers to get your job done. Partnering with us makes you competitive and profitable. FabricAir solutions can reduce total installed cost by 30-70% compared to conventional metal ducting, and we provide compact, lean delivery on time, keeping your costs down. 

Our solutions are easy and intuitive to install and, if needed, help is only a phone call away. Our installation supervision concept is your guarantee of making the perfect handover and close out to your customer.