We make engineering IAQ easy

It provides uniform air distribution and can be tailored to the specific needs of a changing internal environment quickly and easily.

The ability to install FabricAir much more quickly than conventional duct work allows tight construction programmes to be met without impeding other trades.

Along with improved air distribution, flexibility and ease of installation, the cost savings brought about by the use of FabricAir as a value engineering option when compared to conventional ductwork extend past purchase price alone but also reduce labour costs and project duration.

Nick Berrie, Mechanical Design Engineer,
Dave Dickinson & Associates Limited, UK

Prescribing a FabricAir solution is adding engineered value with superior technical performance to the indoor air quality. It is free of condensation, noise and drafts, and less expensive than conventional metal ducting. 

It is easy for you as a consulting engineer to partner up with us. We design the systems for you and estimate the tender documents so you don’t have to. 

However, it is not just an easy solution; it is the best solution in terms of creating superior indoor air quality.