Advancing air dispersion technology

At the TechCenter we conduct product testing on vital factors and use CFD simulations to refine our flow models. We provide documentation on existing products and identify areas of improvement and R&D projects to ensure that we meet tomorrow’s demands. Since we invented fabric ducting in 1973 we’ve been the vanguard of engineering air solutions and it’s only natural that we constantly develop our products to meet or exceed our customer's demands and expectations.
Lauris Rezgals, R&D Manager, UAB FabricAir
Innovation has always been key to our business. Our mantra is "make it better & make it easier". With those two simple ideas in mind we advance our smart air solutions to meet current and future demands. The Tech­Center allows us to build on the existing technology, refine our solutions and explore new opportunities.
In the Air Lab we simulate isothermal conditions as well as heating and cooling conditions, while highly advanced equipment is used to monitor airflows inside and outside the air dispersion systems and measure vital metrics such as temperature, velocity, pressure, humidity, draft, etc.  
These results are used in combination with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to document product capabilities and provide a basis for product development and refinement.
As new building techniques, standards and environmental requirements present new challenges within the field of HVAC/R and indoor air quality, we raise the quality and service standards within air distribution and air dispersion.