Project planning features of FabricAir Ducts

Project planning features of FabricAir Ducts

FabricAir tags every piece of duct that we produce. These tags contain a host of useful information such as material type/description, laundering instructions, duct dimensions, distribution type, order number, and piece number. This is a part of what makes FabricAir ISO 9001 compliant, and it has a tangible benefit for the end user. In the unusual case of a warranty claim, the order and piece number are easily identified on the tag and these are used to identify exactly what piece needs to be remade. Most importantly, the piece number allows the contractor to easily identify which piece they are looking at and relate it to the drawings that show where this piece fits in the system, allowing for minimal installation times.

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Sometimes ducts are damaged due to accidents. These accidents can range from fork lifts 20 years after purchasing the ducts, or from sprinkler pipe installers before the building ever opens. If either of these scenarios, or somewhere in between, ever happens you can simply replace the section of damaged duct. The tags that are sewn onto every piece of duct are instrumental in this process and display the required information.

FabricAir uses proprietary 3D software to generate designs and production drawings. This software is state-of-the-art and is used from design to production to create a seamless transition between out sales and production department.

FabricAir dispersion systems are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. We have a dedicated engineering department to help design the optimal duct system using our proprietary 3D software.