Food - Case study: REPLACING COUNTERFEIT DUCTS in the Fish Processing Plant

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Case study: REPLACING COUNTERFEIT DUCTS in the Fish Processing Plant

Location Izmir
Country Turkey
Job category Food
Year 2017
Kind of fabric Combi 70
Color name Blue
Total air flow 24.000 m³/h
Flow models NozzFlow™, MicroFlow™


A fish processing plant suffered from malfunctioning ducts with flattening, drafts and discomfort as a consequence of counterfeit ducts installed by the contractor. The plant’s Service Manager quickly noticed the error and FabricAir delivered a real tailormade solution, creating an outstanding work environment.
Abalioğlu group is the leading f eed and food company in Turkey and ranks among the biggest industrial corporations. With a focus on innovation and a perpetual search o f excellence selecting FabricAir ducting for their facilities was a natural choice.
Unfortunately, the contractor chose to cut corners; he thought he could save money by getting a set of ducts produced locally. It was a poor imitation and the results were horrific.
The Service Manager knew our solutions from another of the group’s facilities. He was shocked when he saw the application delivered by the contractor and immediately contacted us to get an
original set of ducts to replace the counterfeit ones.
We quickly delivered an original set o f ducts, custom tailored in blue Combi 70 to suit the production plant.
The solution is designed with MicroFlow™ and NozzFlow™ as the primary flow models and FabFlow™ as the secondary, to ensure ideal air dispersion and a high level of comfort.
The Ø600 ducts are suspended b y Type 4 T-rail suspension, which is especially suited for large diameter ducts.
The result is an outstanding w ork environment in the food processing plant despite the low ambient temperatures in the production.
Through draft-free, low velocity air dispersion we have created the ideal environment with a high comfort level in the occupant zone and the customer is very satisfied.
Advantages of fabric ducting in food processing plants:
• Even air dispersion
• Draft free work environment
• No condensation
• Inherently more hygienic solution
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