Food - Fabric ducts will last for years and years, Sønderborg, Denmark

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Case study
Client or Site Name Danish Crown
Location Blans
Country Denmark
Job category Food processing
Year 2012
Kind of fabric Trevira CS 150
Installation Type 13 / type 3
Total air flow 140.000 kbm/h (Room: 1:40.000/ 2:54.000/ 3:21.000/ 4:13.000/ 5:5.300/ 6:3.200/ 7:2.200 kbm/h )
Flow models FabFlow / NozzFlow

Fabric ducts will last for years and years

FabricAir challenges the assumption that fabric ducts won’t last as long as sheet metal ducts. These FabricAir ducts were originally hung in 1977 and continue to ensure efficient cooling and comfortable indoor climate at the slaughterhouse facility in Blans, Denmark.

About the job site

The “Danish Crown” in Blans is great job site to share the FabricAir dispersion system’s longevity and exclusiveness. The FabricAir Dispersion System is effectively used in a draft and condensation free manner to cool down and ventilate several rooms (different types) to 12 degree Celsius [53.6 degree Fahrenheit], where machinery generates a large heat load. The result was achieved by combining two flow models: the FabricAir FabFlow model was the perfect choice to reduce the risk of bacteria growth by preventing condensation, and the FabricAir NozzFlow model directly sweeps the ceiling to stop the condensation from settling.”


Watch a video of early manufactured ducts used in food processing. Click

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In FabFlow™ the air exits the duct through the permeable fabric surface. The air is driven by thermodynamic forces preventing drafts in the occupied zone, which results in a high level of comfort.

The hygienic alternative to metal

FabricAir ducts are 100% polyester, making them a hygienic choice for your air distribution. 

Trevira CS 150
FabricAir® Trevira CS 150 is supplied with a specially developed antimicrobial treatment, which is especially suitable for areas with strict requirements for hygiene.
Type 13

Type 13 double H-rail suspension has great flexibility, making it ideal for high ceilings, larger diameter ducts and frequent laundry.