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Fitness Gymnasium

Kind of fabric Trevira CS 100
Color name Blue
Installation Type 11
Total air flow 0.27 m³/s per duct
Flow models NozzFlow™



Comfortable conditions with FabricAir



When the Fitness First gymnasium in London’s Covent Garden was phasing severe problems with their indoor air quality, they selected a FabricAir solution.

The gym has a low ceiling and the sweat and heat from the athletes created an unpleasant indoor climate.

Fitness First is the world’s second largest health club chain with 350 clubs and 870,000 members worldwide. The company’s mission is to provide  high quality, value for money sport facilities and services that are convenient, flexible and easy to use.



We delivered a custom solution consisting of 22 D-shaped ducts with NozzFlow™. Each piecewas 2.6m long and mounted directly onto the  support columns in the exercise area.

The columns also support illuminated full lengthmirrors which provide a feeling of spaciousness,whilst the ducts ensure a steady stream of conditioned air to cool the members as they work out.



The result is a comfortable indoor climatefor the club members, supporting the company’s mission to put fitness first so the members can feel good about life.

The low ceiling led to innovative use of vertical ducts that serve to provide maximum of comfort and adds a striking decorative aspect to the premises.


“We were supplied with spare ducts which means that we can quite simply remove ducts when they need cleaning, send them to the laundry, and use the substitute ducts until the original ones return. Members enjoy the pleasant feeling of standing in front of the mirrors to cool off as the air circulates around them,” said Mike. Holt , Gymnasium manager .

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