Food - İNAN SÜT, Izmir, Turkey

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İNAN SÜT, Izmir, Turkey

Client or Site Name İNAN SÜT
Location ÖDEMİŞ
Country Turkey
Job category Food
Year 2011
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Installation Vertical, Type 1-2-3-4
Total air flow 115000 m³/h
Flow models FabFlow and MeshFlow

A humid environment is essential in dairy production, but if you do not use the correct machinery and ventilation systems this can generate problems with mould.  Production environment should be very hygienic; therefore cleaning of the entire production area is very important. One of the main reasons for installing the FabricAir air dispersion system was the fact that it is extremely to maintain and clean.  


In addition to the hygienic feature of the system, the comfort level has improved drastically in production and packing areas, eliminating draft problems for the workers. After the installation of FabricAir air dispersion systems illness among the employees has decreased remarkably, improving productivity and well-being of the company’s staff. ”Workers are no longer exposed to high air velocities at their work stations, which normally causes sickness,” says General Manager of Inan Sut, Mr. Ilhan Inan 

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