sport - Scandinavian Design and High comfort, Fresh Fitness, Norway

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Case study
Client or Site Name Fresh Fitness
Location Trondheim
Country Norway
Job category Sports: Fitness center
Year 2015
Kind of fabric Combi 70
Color name White
Installation Type 8
Total air flow 3010 m³/h | 1772 CFM
Flow models SonicFlow™


Fresh Fitness needed a draft-free aesthetic solution to ensure the comfort of its users.


Fresh Fitness is a Scandinavian chain of fitness centers, comprising 35 centers in Norway and about 100.000 members.
Fresh Fitness Tiller needed an aesthetic air dispersion solution with a high level of comfort. FabricAir was selected to supply the solution due to the many advantages of fabric ducting.
The key parameters were to create a draft-free environment with a large air change that would feather down the humidity and odor from the athletes.
Through Atmos AS we delivered a solution consisting of white Combi 70 suspended by an H-profile hung in wires. The ducting blends aesthetically into the modern architecture.
Low terminal air velocity and a directional flow model, SonicFlow™, ensures a comfortable indoor climate without drafts.
As an added bonus in a concrete construction like this one, the fabric ducting improves the acoustics of the room by absorbing the sound waves bouncing off the concrete walls. 
The result is a pleasant, draft-free indoor climate, that counteracts humidity and re-moved odor, thus ensuring the highest comfort levels for the athletes.
Advantages include:
•  Even, draft-free air dispersion
•  Low investment and operational costs
•  Low maintenance & energy consumption
•  Flexible design & unlimited options for placement of equipment