Retail & Public Areas - Tailor-made solution for heating and cooling purposes at IKEA, Australia

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Case study
Client or Site Name IKEA
Location Springvale
Country Australia
Job category Retail: Interior Design Store
Year 2011
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Color name Dark Grey
Installation Type 1, AIO
Flow models NozzFlow™
When Ikea erected their Springvale, Australia facility, being environmentally friendly was a key component of the construction. Using fabric air ducts saves up to 40% on the energy bill and creates a superior indoor environment with even air dispersion, no drafts and a high level of comfort regardless of heating or cooling season.
Ikea wanted to focus on being environmentally friendly when they erected their 32,000 m2 facility in Springvale, Australia, without compromising on aesthetics and comfort.
Good design, functionality and affordable prices were key elements. FabricAir selected due to our clever product design, cost effective manufacturing and space-optimized transportation solutions.
This made FabricAir Dispersion Systems the ideal choice for the new build, which in 2011 was the largest on the continent. Due to the nature of fabric-based air dispersion technology, with precise directional throws and easy maintenance, significant energy savings can be realized, in addition to the savings harvested from the quick installation and efficient made-to-measure design.
We delivered a tailor-made solution for heating and cooling purposes. It comprises six sets of ducting, in light grey Combi 60 with NozzFlow™, suspended using Type 8 AiO. With a total of 39 ducts, in diameters varying from 250mm to 865mm, it amounts to just shy of 1 km of ducting (973 m). 5,466 individual nozzles create precise airflows to ensure an even air dispersion and a draft-free, comfortable environment for the shoppers and employees alike.
The solution consists of headers and supply ducts, aesthetically designed to suit the space in intricate interplay with lighting fixtures, cables and wiring, as well as extinguishing systems and other ceiling mounted equipment. Our technology is the market’s most versatile and flexible; this solution consists of 45° and 90° bends, vertical and horizontal, and air volumes varying from 100 l/s to 4060 l/s.
All-in-One suspension keeps the ducts open when the air is turned off, preventing the fabric from hanging low onto other equipment or dropping through the grid into the showroom space below.
The result is an astonishing indoor environment with no unpleasant drafts and no hot or cold zones. All-In-One also provides an aesthetic dimension to the ventilation solution. The fabric air ducts play into the overall context above the grid and even acts as an absorbent of sounds resonating in the space. The low pressure drop means significant energy savings. On average a FabricAir solution can create savings of up to 40% compared to metal equivalents.