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Country China
Job category Food processing

XianTan Chicken has built the biggest chicken slaughtering factories in China - the area of its cutting workshop is just under 8,000 square meters. The factory processes 200,000 chickens every day. Growth of bacteria is always a challenge in the facility’s cutting rooms because of the humid (moist) environment. FabricAir Combi is an optimum fabric for such an environment. Also due to the high humidity in the factory, there are always serious condensation issues on ceiling and walls. FabricAir provides a special air dispersion solution that has eliminated condensation problems in the facility. 

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The Six Key Elements of Savings with FabricAir Dispersion Systems

Fabric ductwork offer multiple opportunities to save money without sacrificing quality or flexibility in design. 

A versatile system design

FabricAir dispersion systems do not have limitations when it comes to elbows, reducers and take-offs, such as conventional metal ducting does. 

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Managing Director Lasse Larsson, Malmö Mässan:“We maintain a satisfactory indoor climate under all kinds of conditions, and the fabric ducts in the halls work perfectly.


FabricAir certified ISO9001 by the certification network Force for the following activities: Development, design, production and sales of textile-based air distribution systems.

FabricAir ducts can be taken down and laundered. The document will guide you.