Company news

Low ceiling height: not a challenge for air distribution with fabric-based solutions
3rd August 2021

People enjoy big and open spaces, living and working in them but in the reality, having large and open spaces is very cost inefficient. That is one of the many reasons why quite a lot of buildings are being built with a relatively low ceiling height, around 2,7 m (9 ft) height, might vary by the country. And because of that, some of the construction processes, or, to be precise, parts of the premises, face some particular issues. One of them being HVAC. With low ceiling height it becomes hard to install conventional overhead air distribution systems as they poorly distribute air and does not contribute to high Indoor Air Quality (IAQwhich is the most important and  directly relates to the health and comfort of the occupants. However, for various low-ceiling premises there are alternatives to conventional solutions. And they involve fabric.

Eliminating unpleasant odors in China’s major automotive manufacturer’s factory
22nd July 2021

One of major China’s car seat manufacturers, that works with all major automakers and vehicle classes, like Audi and Volkswagen, started facing a smell issue. As the company is working with different types of materials, including leather and textile, they realized that the storage unit where the seats are being kept for a while builds up an unpleasant odor that is being absorbed into the already made car seats. To eliminate the smell from their premises, the company reached out to a leading fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer FabricAir.

New office building with the newest fabric-based solution for high-quality indoor environment
16th July 2021

One of Denmark’s leading timber wholesalers Bergsten Timber were not pleased with their old office and so decided to move to a new office building. In their new offices, the company’s representatives wished to install air distribution systems that would integrate with the whole interior design. And even though it seemed a hard task to handle, FabricAir, a leading global fabric-based solution manufacturer, created and installed just a thing – the newest addition to its product portfolio FabricAir Ceiling Diffusers.

School in Austria gets equipped with fabric air solution for the better health safety of children
30th June 2021

Even though the global Covid-19 pandemic is retreating, it is still around. Despite that, countries worldwide are opening their education facilities and Austria is not an exemption. Schools are preparing their premises with the most advanced technologies that could add to the health safety of children coming back to the classrooms. One of them - Lehranstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung sowie Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologie (HBLFA) in Strass, Austria. This school trusted FabricAir, a leading fabric-based air distribution solutions manufacturer, with a new ventilation system for classrooms.

FabricAir launches its new ceiling diffuser
15th June 2021

FabricAir, a leading fabric-based air distribution system manufacturer, launches FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser. The unit fits perfectly into suspended ceilings and enables keeping ceiling design consistent and integral with overall space design without compromising the performance.