31st August 2018

When FabricAir launched the world’s first fabric duct in 1973 it became a gamechanger. It is the story of how a small company, based in Denmark, grew to become a world leading innovator within HVAC/R, with customers all across the globe and sales offices or distributors in all major regions.

30th August 2018

At the turn of the millennium, the newly independent IPS Ventilation A/S was finding its foothold. The decade became a turning point in the company’s history with new subsidiaries, new ownership structure and the onset of a global financial crisis, which turned out to be a crock of gold for an innovative alternative technology in an old-fashioned industry like the construction sector.

29th August 2018

As the 80s progressed into the 90s, internationalization, new applications and innovation set the agenda. Research & development was the focal point with new fabric types and flow models launched throughout the decade. The ownership structure changed several times, before IPS Ventilation finally became an independent company.

28th August 2018

The initial fabric duct project purpose was to decrease sick leave in meat processing facilities, while not lessening the product safety aspects. The success was evident. It became the beginning of a whole new way of thinking within HVAC/R, product safety and employee comfort – FabricAir was born!

27th August 2018

The era of modern fabric ducting began in Denmark in the early 70s as a collaboration between the Danish Meat Research Institute and a company within the Electrolux Group, called IPS Dansk Presenning A/S, that manufactured tarpaulins. IPS Ventilation grew out of IPS Dansk Presenning into a separate company that through the years became FabricAir as we know it today.

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