A decade of innovation and ownership changes

As the 80s progressed into the 90s, internationalization, new applications and innovation set the agenda. Research & development was the focal point with new fabric types and flow models launched throughout the decade. The ownership structure changed several times, before IPS Ventilation finally became an independent company.


FabricAir Through the Decades: The 90s

Brian Refsgaard, the current CEO and owner of FabricAir, joined the company in 1990, Sales- and Business Development Manager. He took part in catalyzing the international growth and innovation strategy that characterized the decade.

In 1995, FabricAir became the first company in the industry to qualify for ISO 9001; a testament to the consistent, high quality products and services and continuous improvements, as well as a certification of the adherence to quality management principles and a strong customer focus.

Throughout the decade new flow models and fabric types were developed. The Trevira fabric series were introduced in 1993. PerfoFlow™ was added to the selection of surface flow models in 1994. In 1995 two new directional flow models were added to the program: SonicFlow™ and OriFlow™. All of these new flow models build on the principles of draft-free air distribution and high occupant comfort that had made the new technology world famous.

FabricAir® Trevira is a woven fabric made of permanently flame-retardant fibers. It is a permeable fabric ideal in application with strict hygiene requirements, such as the food industry or pools.

PerfoFlow™ is a laser perforated surface flow model with perforations that cover between 25% to 100% of the total surface area of the duct. It is typically used in industrial applications, e.g. for make-up air, when precision is not as important as volume.

SonicFlow™ consists of rows of laser cut, small to medium sized orifices each covering up to 1/12 of the duct surface area, enabling a directional throw without causing drafts. This flow model is often applied in e.g. retail or sports facilities with medium ceiling heights, to create the ideal comfortable induction.

OriFlow™ is a directional flow model with larger laser cut orifices that enables medium to high velocity directional air flows, typically used in warehouses, distribution center or industrial applications with high ceilings.

In 1997 the first official subsidiary was established in the United States. The same year, Electrolux sold IPS Dansk Presenning A/S incl. the department IPS Ventilation (precursor of FabricAir) and the rest of Jonsereds to a capital foundation. It became the beginning of a new period in the company’s life that ultimately led to becoming its own company.

In 1998 Jonsereds, incl. the IPS Ventilation department, merged with Stavdal ASA from Norway. They were introduced to the Norwegian stock exchange only to be withdrawn a year later, when they were acquired by Veidekke.

The end of the decade marked a new beginning for FabricAir. 26 years after the first fabric duct had been introduced, the department became an independent company under Veidekke - IPS ventilation A/S.