Why fabric?

Many functions known from conventional metal ducts are fully integrated in a FabricAir dispersion system, making diffusers, grilles, dampers, etc., redundant. FabricAir dispersion systems are all inclusive.

You can forget about the following when using fabric air dispersion systems:

FabricAir dispersion systems offer multiple opportunities to save money without sacrificing quality or flexibility in design. Utilizing FabricAir dispersion systems can result in 30-70% savings over the cost of conventional ducting through a simple installation processeconomical shipping solutions, space-savings and efficient materials.

FabricAir ducts are 100% polyester, making them a hygienic choice for your air distribution. Polyester is a thin plastic thread that does not absorb water. This makes it impossible for bacteria to live "inside" of the fiber and should any dirt accumulate on the surface of the duct, it can simply be washed.

FabricAir dispersion systems do not have limitations when it comes to elbows, reducers and take-offs, such as conventional metal ducting does. If you can imagine it, FabricAir can produce it. If you are used to metal ducting then you know to take your wallet out when you hear "non-standard". At FabricAir, non-standard is what we do, because every job is custom. Any angle, any length, any diameter... Give us a call and we will turn what you have imagined into reality in three weeks or less.

In a FabricAir dispersion system the fabric ducts distribute air along the entire length of the duct at the desired angle. The full length even air distribution is a standard feature of FabricAir dispersion systems and does not come with a significant price premium, which is the case when using conventional metal ducts. 

FabricAir dispersion systems are intuitive and simple to install. Each duct section is marked with an individual tag, which lets you know exactly where each piece should go. There are no trade specific tools required; everything you need can be found in a handy-man's tool box. Easy installation significantly reduces labor hours compared to metal ducts or other fabric duct systems.

FabricAir has the fastest standard delivery times of any fabric duct manufacturer and consistently delivers on schedule. If you have ever had a project delayed because your equipment didn't arrive on time, then you know the importance of on-time delivery and how your bottom line can be affected.

FabricAir dispersion and distribution systems have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional metal ducting. FabricAir ducts require less energy to produce and transport, and with a significantly lower weight fabric ducts place considerably less load stress on the construction, making the system ideal for retrofitting as well as new builds.

FabricAir is the original fabric duct manufacturer. We introduced the world's first fabric duct in 1973, thus have more than 40 years of experience. Many of our initial installations are still fully functional and perform just as well as the day they were installed.

Depending on the application, FabricAir ducts and dispersion systems can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your building, by using the best flow model or combination of multiple flow models.

FabricAir offers the most heavy duty ducts in the industry, in a lightweight design. Our ducts weigh as little as 300 g/m² [8.8 oz/yd²], thus it is like comparing a feather to a hammer, when compared to conventional metal systems.

FabricAir produces many different flow models to meet the specific demands of any project. The appropriate flow model depends on a number of project specific factors. 

FabricAir ducts and air dispersion systems are truly a value proposition. A better performing air dispersion system, at a lower cost, and many benefits that can be used to help achieve more LEED points. Depending on your project, FabricAir ducts may help you attain points in the areas of indoor air quality, acoustic environment and thermal comfort.