Adjustable Cable Drop Stainless steel or galvanized (37)

Adjustable Cable Drop Stainless steel or galvanized (37)

Adjustable Cable Drops are hung from the building structure and connect to either cable or H-rail suspension systems. The Adjustable Cable Drop spacing is determined from the installation instructions provided with each order.

Installation drawing: Link

Installing FabricAir® Adjustable Cable Drop SS and GV (37)

Type 1 cable suspension is used to suspend classic as well as All-In-One FabricAir ducts. 

Type 13 double H-rail suspension has great flexibility, making it ideal for high ceilings, larger diameter ducts and frequent laundry. 

Type 2 cable suspension is especially beneficial for larger diameter ducts hung on straight runs.

Type 8 H-rail suspension is a method of suspending FabricAir ducts. The H-rail, so named because it looks like an H in the cross section, is made out of anodized aluminum, making it an excellent choice for corrosive environments. 

H-rail is commonly used to suspend complex FabricAir dispersion systems, as there can be bent to suit the elbows.

Cable suspension is one of the most common methods of suspending FabricAir ducts.