The hygienic alternative to metal


The hygienic alternative to metal

FabricAir ducts are 100% polyester, making them a hygienic choice for your air distribution. Polyester is a thin plastic thread that does not absorb water. This makes it impossible for bacteria to live "inside" of the fiber and should any dirt accumulate on the surface of the duct, it can simply be washed. If you have an application that is likely to deposit harmful bacteria on the ducting, such as food processing, you have the option of specifying one of our anti-microbial polyester ducts. These unique qualities make FabricAir dispersion systems the preferred choice in slaughterhouses, laboratories, professional kitchens and any other location with strict hygienic requirements. That is what makes fabric-based ducting a Smart Air Solution.

Maintenance made easy

Most of the time, FabricAir duct maintenance requires nothing more than changing the filter at the air-handler.

If your facility maintenance has fallen behind and dirt has managed to get into your FabricAir ducts, you can simply unzip individual sections and vacuum them out, use compressed air, or in the worst case take them down and launder them. Try doing that with metal!

While in most applications this is just a nicety there are applications, such as meat processing or other food production facilities, that require regular maintenance, and sometimes nightly facility wash downs. FabricAir ducts are perfect for these types of applications. In fact one of the reasons FabricAir ducts were created over 45 years ago was to reduce the downtime associated with cleaning metal ducts in meat processing facilities.


Traditional HVAC designs require knowing the dew point of the space being conditioned to avoid condensation on the surfaces of the metal ducts and grills. This phenomenon is referred to as "sweating" in the industry. The traditional fix for sweating ducts is to insulate the entire duct or to use double wall ducting; both of which add significantly to the projectcost. With FabricAir ducts the fix is simple: using permeable fabric. Permeable fabric allows the duct to "breathe", which creates an air blanket around the duct and keeps the duct dry, without trippling the cost!

No bacteria growth

If you have an application that is likely to deposit harmful bacteria on the duct, such as food processing, FabricAir inhibits bacterial growth in three ways:

a) the ability to wash the duct should any dirt accumulate on the surface;

b) permeable fabric adds condensation free properties which diminishes bacterial growth;

c) anti-microbial coating of polyester ducts prevents bacteria growth. 


FabricAir ducts are available with an anti-microbial coating that meets Oeko-Tex standards. Bacterial contamination is inherent to some applications, such as food processing. In these cases there is a strong emphasis on following best practices to manage microbial risks. FabricAir anti-microbial coated ducts are an excellent example of best practice. It is a great way to reduce the risk of bacterial growth on your air distribution system. The anti-microbial coating we apply is excellent at preventing the growth of Apergilus Niger, more commonly known as black mold, along with many other micro-organisms that are similar in nature.

Our anti-microbial coating lives up to Oeko-Tex requirements for environmentally friendly manufacturing procedures.