Light-weight design

Lightweight design for heavy duty ducts

FabricAir offers the most heavy duty ducts in the industry, in a lightweight design. Our ducts weigh as little as 300 g/m² [8.8 oz/yd²], thus it is like comparing a feather to a hammer, when compared to conventional metal systems. This is important especially in connection with retrofitting existing building mass, as FabricAir dispersion systems will not significantly affect the structural integrity. As a quick rule of thumb, using 3 kg/m [2 lbs/ft] for calculation purposes will provide a fair conservative estimate for the structural engineer in 99% of all project. The weight of an actual duct with suspension depends on the length and diameter of the duct. However, most popular fabric, Combi, weighs approximately 1/20 of steel sheet ducting.

The low weight makes FabricAir's Smart Air Solutions equally ideal in newbuilds and in retrofitting projects.

Cost savings from installation

Installing FabricAir dispersion systems is fast and easy, and will reduce costs for the entire project due to the lower number of man hours. FabricAir systems are so easy to install that skilled labor is not required; depending on the size of the job it can be done with just a few people. All duct sections are connected to each other with zippers, and there are no "tools of the trade" to speak of. Painting is not required because the ducts arrive on site in the preselected color. The available suspension systems are variations of a cable or a track suspension, and some contractors have compared installing ducts on a track system to sliding a shower curtain. It really is that simple.
Due to the lightweight nature of FabricAir dispersion systems, the duct can be lifted easily and quickly to the desired mounting height, reducing the number of workers and man hours and eliminating the need for specialized equipment like duct-jacks. The duct is attached to the air handler using a durable ratcheting strapwhich is always included, further reducing the cost of installation.

Sustainable ventilation with a low carbon footprint

FabricAir dispersion and distribution systems have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional metal ducting. FabricAir ducts require less energy to produce and transport, and with a significantly lower weight fabric ducts place considerably less load stress on the construction, making the system ideal for retrofitting as well as new builds.

The efficiency of air distribution in fabric ducts is much higher and more precise than with conventional metal ducting. This means they can run at a low static pressure drop and require less energy to operate. Using fabric-based Smart Air Solutions enables savings of up to 40% on the energy consumption.

The ductwork will last for a long time. Many of the original 1973 installations are still in use today.

FabricAir meets the OEKO-TEX 100 requirements, proving that we are committed to environmentally friendly production methods and materials. 

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