Een veelzijdig systeemontwerp

A versatile system design

FabricAir dispersion systems do not have limitations when it comes to elbows, reducers and take-offs, such as conventional metal ducting does. If you can imagine it, FabricAir can produce it. Freedom of design is one of the advantages of a fabric-based Smart Air Solution. If you are used to metal ducting then you know to take your wallet out when you hear "non-standard". At FabricAir, non-standard is what we do, because every job is custom, and a Smart Air Solution is more cost-efficient than a metal equivalent. Any angle, any length, any diameter... Give us a call and we will turn what you have imagined into reality in three weeks or less.
Efficient solution regardless of ceiling height

Depending on the application, FabricAir ducts and dispersion systems can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your building, by using the best flow model or combination of multiple flow models.

For example, in buildings with low ceiling heights, low-throw airflow models are often the option of choice to eliminate drafts. However, if the building has high ceilings and requires heating, high-throw flow models are used to ensure that the air reaches the occupied zone and to help avoid stratification. FabricAir dispersion systems ensure the ideal air distribution regardless of room size and ceiling height. The flexibility of design makes the technology easily adaptable to any applications, which is why we call is a Smart Air Solution.

Extensive range of fabric duct profiles

FabricAir offers a wide selection of custom duct profiles in addition to the round and D-shaped classics. Our engineers design the air dispersion system to ensure the best possible fit for each individual application. Influencing factors, such as room dimensions, air volume and aesthetics, are thoroughly evaluated to select the appropriate duct profile.

Our engineering experts call on a proven 45-year track record and accumulated know-how in the field of air engineering to create the ideal solution. Customized duct profiles are tailored to the specific project challenges.

To inquire about customized solutions please contact your local FabricAir office.

Elbows in custom angles

FabricAir elbows are produced on demand. We can make the standard 22.5°, 45° and 90° or any angle in between, as we tailor the system to your specific needs. The centerline radius of the elbows is 1X diameter, which means that the centerline radius of the elbow is equal to the diameter of the duct. An elbow above 70° is produced using four gores; anything less is two gores. 

Straights in custom lengths

FabricAir can manufacture straight sections of duct in any diameter as long or as short as you want them preffered. For practical purposes the ducts are produced in than 9 m [30'] sections, unless instructed otherwise by the customer.

Reducers - concentric or eccentric

FabricAir can make concentric or eccentric reducers in any taper ratios desired. Typically we will produce an eccentric reduction in the top aligned configuration, due to the installation advantages of this method. If you want a different configuration the taper ratio or alignment is changed as part of our standard offer.

Take Offs - top, center or bottom aligned

FabricAir can produce duct take-offs in top, center, or bottom aligned configuration. Typically we produce a top aligned take-off due to the installation advantages of this method. If you want a different configuration we will produce to the alignment that suits your need as part of our standard offer.

System Drawings

A FabricAir dispersion system is delivered with a set of drawings that are essential to all phases of the project from design to installation. During the design phase, the drawings are used to communicate with engineers and owners to ensure that the air dispersion system will meet the customer’s requirements. The contractor uses the drawings to install the suspension system and identify how each duct section fits into the system. The drawings will always be delivered in Box 1.

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