Food processing applications are the birthplace of FabricAir products. These facilities are typically kept incredibly clean despite the dirty activities that take place on a daily basis. The key to this is frequent wash-downs of every surface in the building, including the air distribution system. FabricAir ducts are a perfect way to make this process easier as they can swiftly be taken down and washed. Between wash-downs you can rest assured that the anti-microbial and condensation resistant selection we recommend will not be the source of any issues in the facility.

FabricAir Trevira Basic

FabricAir® Trevira Basic has got 5 years warranty.

FabricAir Combi 70

Luchtdoorlatend, 10 jaar garantie

FabricAir Combi 80

Luchtdoorlatend, 10 jaar garantie, anti-micorbieel


Air is distributed throughout the entire surface of the fabric.

FabricAir Trevira CS 150

FabricAir® Trevira CS 150 is supplied with a specially developed antimicrobial treatment, which is especially suitable for areas with strict requirements for hygiene.

FabricAir Trevira CS 100

FabricAir® Trevira CS 100 has got a 10-year warranty
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