Air dispersion system that contributes to high-quality life of seniors

Air dispersion system that contributes to high-quality life of seniors
29th April 2021

Retiring can sometimes be a little stressful, that is why one company in Denmark decided to adapt the Swedish concept of a senior housing complex where every person could enjoy their lives. Bovieran built a housing complex with a tropical garden under a glass roof. One of the key elements for the project was a perfect air quality for its residents and air distribution that would eliminate condensation from the glass roof. Therefore, Sjælsø Management, a contractor for Bovieran, contacted FabricAir, a global air distribution solution provider, to create a tailored ventilation system for several of its building complexes.

“One of our customer key requirements was to solve several issues with one system – it had to be light, not to block the natural sunlight, keep the glass condensation-free, and to deliver fresh air to the garden. With our combined airflow systems and almost 200 meters of Combi 30 air ducts, we ensured that no air was wasted. I believe that this example shows how versatile FabricAir’s solutions are. We managed to fulfill all the needs of a client with just one air distribution system”, says Jonas Echberg Valdbjørn, Sales Engineer for Denmark at FabricAir.

FabricAir has already installed air distribution systems in 2 building complexes, four more projects are still in development. A combination of SonicFlow™, NozzFlow™, and JetFlow™, to provide the right throw length to cover all windows. Approximately 188 m Combi 30 was used to make sure no air was wasted and all going to keep the windows condense-free. Type 8 AIO and type 1 were used for vertical installations.

“We have used FabricAir textile dispersion system for the Bovieran project with great success. FabricAir has been a trustworthy partner during the whole project and now we can ventilate the atrium without any risk of condensation. The ducts have an elegant look and some fantastic adjustments, especially in the corners, allow ducts to hang nicely under the roof. The mounting time of this solution has been a noticeable factor in cutting down build time and free the space for other workers”, says Finn Jørgensen, Project manager at Sjælsø Management ApS, a contractor for Bovieran senior housing complexes.

The cooperation between Bovieran, Sjælsø Management, and FabricAir already lasts for 3 years. FabricAir was involved in the project from the initial stages of these conceptual building complexes so that the perfect interior design application and air distribution systems would be installed in at fastest and most professional manner.