An array of colors provide design freedom – examples from around the globe

8th September 2017

With an array of standard colors and the option to dye Trevira fabric in custom colors, our smart Air Solutions can be suited to any architectural vision.

Exploring our website you will find many beautiful examples of air dispersion and architecture fusing to highlight the ducts or making them blend in to the interior design scheme.

At the Maya Sport Club in Turkey the ducts were designed with LED lighting, changing colors to create a stylish interior for the athletes to enjoy.

At the Elizabeth Aquadome in South Australia the ducts blend in with the water slides.

At the Palacio de Larrinaga in Zaragoza, Spain the ducts are used to emphasize the light, exclusive looks of the pavilion.

And at the ice rink SE Arena in Denmark the ducts are barely visible though their impact is significant for the comfort of both onlookers and plays with different temperature sets for the two separate zones.

You can learn more about our fabrics and color options here and explore many more case studies here.

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