Building a perfect environment for indoor skiing enthusiasts

Building a perfect environment for indoor skiing enthusiasts
14th September 2021

When the weather is extremely hot, there is no better place to go than an indoor facility with cooling snow and ice. To create this magical experience at any time of the year, one of the key elements is the air distribution system. World Ski Resort in Guangxi, China, wished to create amazing indoor sports experience for its visitors and chose FabricAir, a leading fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, to create a tailored solution for the whole 25 000 sq. m. facility.

“Guangxi Province is promoting the upcoming Winter Olympics that will take place in Beijing in 2022. Regions like Guangxi does not have conditions for winter sports geographically, therefore opening a brand-new indoor winter sports resort really brings that experience to everyone – from common people to professional athletes. We are proud that FabricAir was chosen as a partner for such great project and we strongly believe, that our custom air distribution solution will enhance the experience of every visitor”, says  Song He, Sales Director at FabricAir China.

The owners of World Ski Resort wished to create a draft-free environment and to distribute air evenly throughout the enormous size of the skiing facility. In addition, this fabric-based air distribution system had to align with and compliment the overall design of the premises. FabricAir provided with a tailored solution, equipped with SonicFlow airflow model, Combi fabrics and Type 12 suspension. Fabric ducts delivers fresh air through the surface pores and evenly distributes it throughout the snowfield, thus providing the ideal indoor air quality and environment for those who come to ski.

The premises of World Ski Resort are designated for sports activities, the layout of the ground was not all even. Many slopes, mostly covered with snow, would have been quite a challenge for installation of conventional HVAC system. However, with FabricAir solution, this issue was eliminated. Lightweight design of a whole system allowed to install it without any heavy machinery and significantly reduced installation costs. In addition, fabric ducts do not create condensation and eliminates the risk of leaking or freezing, which would develop a hazardous icicles.

World Ski Resort in Guangxi has a lot of activities and attractions for all visitors. Besides the casual skiing tracks, there are also various and huge ice castles that also needs a specific temperatures to stay solid and not melt. Perfect air conditions for the equipment and art installations are also met by FabricAir solution.