FabricAir ducting solutions maximized yields potential in cannabis grow facility

FabricAir ducting solutions maximized yields potential in cannabis grow facility
26th April 2021

A North American cannabis grow operation Real Leaf Solutions had issues with its conventional air distribution system as it was damaging its produce. The company was looking for alternative solutions and reached out to FabricAir, a global company that is operating in the United States and manufacturing innovative air distribution solutions for nearly 30 years. Extensive experience in previous grow projects impressed Real Leaf Solutions, so facility decided to choose FabricAir as its partner and install various ducting solutions that not just helped plants to flourish but also created increased staff comfort and productivity.

Real Leaf Solutions, operating in Kalkaska, Michigan, USA, faced HVAC challenges that revolved around getting airflow to the plants and their soil less peat/coca mix at the right velocity, uniformity, temperature, and relative humidity. They also struggled to maintain optimum growing conditions. The ceiling-hung air handler’s metal spiral ductwork with registers every 10 feet created drafts, hot spots, and air stratification that affected yields. The FabricAir duct solution incorporated a linear orifice array at the 4 and 8 o’clock positions on each 20-inch-diameter. The Combi 70 fabric also disperses approximately 12-percent of the airflow through the duct’s permeable surface to prevent condensation. The factory-engineered permeability and linear dispersion result in a uniform 2,500-CFM air distribution per duct run that helps plants thrive.

Besides that, FabricAir duct’s lighter weight and easy installation enabled a two-person crew to install five 10 to 12-meter-long duct runs in less than three days and without heavy-duty lifting equipment. At the end of the day, Real Leaf Solutions’ owners were extremely happy not just with the quality air but with the simpleness of FabricAir ducts’ maintenance.Disassembling and commercially laundering FabricAir ducts requires less than a half-day for one employee.“ Cleaning metal duct is difficult when they are in place and taking them down would require the added costs of a contractor with the correct equipment. Laundering the fabric duct is easy and creates a more sterile environment,” said Tom Beller, Real Leaf Solutions’ Co-owner and Chief Operations Officer.

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