FabricAir solutions will ensure the quality environment for chocolatiers in Thailand

FabricAir solutions will ensure the quality environment for chocolatiers in Thailand
15th April 2021

A chocolate factory in Thailand reached out to FabricAir, a global air distribution solutions provider,  to manufacture and install a new fabric air distribution system. It had to create a comfortable airflow for the safety of production and comfort to employees. 

As this chocolate factory is a food processing facility, it had high quality and hygiene standards. To meet the requirements, FabricAir installed a tailor-made solution of 266 meters in blue Combi 80 permeable fabric ducts with SonicFlow™ flow model. This solution allows eliminating any uncomfortable drafts for employees thus lowering sick leaves and will ensure the constant air conditioning of the production hall on +18°C (64°F).

The antimicrobial treatment on the fabric is extremely hygienic and will not allow the growth of mold or bacteria, along with many other micro-organisms that are similar in nature. Also, permeable fabric adds condensation-free properties which diminish bacterial growth. Fabric ducts are very easily washable and do not require high maintenance or too many additional funds for cleaning procedures.

“We are proud that food processing clients are more and more open to fabric air distribution systems and choose FabricAir as their solution provider. As food processing applications were the birthplace of our products, it is a great honor to show our experience and expertise in this field and we are sure that these solutions will serve our client for many years to come”, says Fikret Sahin, Managing Director at FabricAir Turkey A.Ş.  

The chocolate factory joined among dozens of food processing facilities that FabricAir provided tailored air distribution solutions in Thailand. FabricAir representatives cooperated with the factory’s representatives to create the solution and deliver it on-site in the fastest manner of time.


Photo courtesy: Nantier