High quality air distribution for top tier confectionery

High quality air distribution for top tier confectionery
8th October 2021

Orkla Latvija, a leading producer and supplier of fast-moving consumer goods in the Baltic states, decided to build a new biscuit and wafer factory. This plant is intended as a role model of sustainable production, therefore the contractors had to find innovative and efficient solutions for every single part of the future factory, including HVAC. After the extensive research, FabricAir, a global fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, was chosen to engineer and design a state-of-the-art system that will consist almost 1,6 km of fabric ducts.

“We are proud that such big confectionary producers are trusting in us with the indoor air quality of their brand-new factory. It is a great recognition for our work and services. In cooperation with K-Technologijas, we have created the best possible solution for Orkla Latvija, that will be energy efficient, as well as drastically lower the installation and running costs, thus making it more sustainable at the end”, says Paulius Sarapnickis, Sales manager for Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and Russia at FabricAir.

The whole air distribution solution was specifically tailored to this new Orkla biscuits and wafers factory while using the high-end CFD simulations. FabricAir’s solution was chosen because of many features that included easy installment, maintenance and washability, and draft-free air distribution.

The plant will have Combi 90 antimicrobial fabric that is mostly used in food industry, with addition of Type 8 AIO suspension. This suspension system is specifically designed to keep the form of the fabric ducts and does not allow them to deflate even when the system is not operating. Fabric ducts are equipped with SonicFlow and MicroFlow airflow models to create smooth and even air delivery. The whole air distribution solution in the factory will be installed in two stages.

Photo courtesy: Orkla Latvija