Inspiration for the Future – Perspectives From the Next Generation

Hana Dubayová, erhvervspraktikant (intern), 2019
18th October 2019

We brand ourselves as The Future of Air Dispersion and this notion was put to the test when we invited 16 year old Hana Dubayová into the MarCom department for a week.

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of having 16 year old Hana Dubayová as a one week intern in the MarCom department. The internship was part of her Danish school program and the purpose was to introduce her to working life realities.

“I chose FabricAir, because I appreciated the opportunity to work in an international environment with English as the corporate language. I wanted to see if I could use my (drawing) skills in the MarCom department.” Explains Hana when we asked her what attracted her to fabric ducting.

Hana is a young artist coming from a family of renowned artists. She has been drawing all her life, and in recent years she has been honing her digital drawing skills. It was thus natural to give her a challenge that involved being creative. We tasked her with developing an infographic and sketch ideas for icons.

“During my week at FabricAir, I’ve learned a lot about, you’ve guessed it, fabric ducting! Not only about that though. I’ve found, that the most valuable piece of knowledge that I’ve acquired during my stay, is making infographics – a thing that I haven’t done before. I came across some “challenges”, but I did everything in my power to make the infographic as good and visually appealing as possible. I really liked using my skills to make something that the company might actually use.” Says Hana.

If you are curious as to how her infographic turned out, you should keep an eye on our social media in the coming week.

The purpose of the one week internship was to introduce Hana to our work life and inspire her for her future. The added bonus to our company was getting the perspective of a 16 year old, the coming generation, forcing us to think about why do we do what we do the way we do it in order to explain this to her. That is a healthy question to ask once in a while and we much enjoyed having Hana as part of the MarCom team for a week, being inspired by her input. It was interesting and very valuable to get an outside perspective on our product and our processes and we also inspired her to think about her own future:

“This experience have led me to think about my future as a possible graphic designer. Now that I know, how it works in the MarCom department, I can easily imagine how I could do this as a job.”

Hana is in Denmark on an exchange program. She comes from Bratislava in Slovakia and has been in Denmark for just two months out of her 11 months stay. She is one of 49 international exchange students on the Youth For Understanding program in Denmark this year, exploring the world, making friends and promoting greater intercultural understanding.

“I can also see myself in an international corporate setting. I think it was quite nice to be with people from around different places. It was a relief when I could talk freely in English and knew that everybody would understand me.“ Says Hana, who is still in the process of learning Danish.

“I do think I have learned a lot about the company and work ethics, but there is always more to explore. I enjoyed being an intern in the MarCom department of FabricAir and would recommend it gladly. I liked meeting people from different departments and seeing how they work. I also felt competent and professional while creating the infographics (might be because of the creative freedom). I want to thank the company for welcoming me and accepting me for this short period of time.” Concludes Hana Dubayová.

We at FabricAir would also like to thank Hana for her efforts and we look forward to sharing the fruit of her labor with you on social media in the coming week.