Keeping the ice cold and the spectators comfortable

13th December 2016

FabricAir delivered a smart air solution to the SE Arena ice rink in Vojens, Denmark. To keep the ice cold and the spectators comfortable the solution consists of two different air dispersion systems. One sends cooled air to the playing field where the ideal air temperature is just 3°C (37°F); the other directs warmer air, 12°C (54°F), toward the audience for superior comfort during the game. SE Arena hosts up to 5,000 spectators during a game.

By utilizing two separate air flows we ensure ideal conditions for all users. The air volume is 70,000 m3/h dispersed at extremely low velocities, which prevents uncomfortable drafts. In addition, the system handles alternative ventilation for off season purposes like gymnastics that do not make use of the ice.

The result is a multipurpose arena with a superior indoor climate for athletes, spectators and ice.