Love is in the air at the chocolate factory

Love is in the air at the chocolate factory
14th February 2018

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to share a box of chocolates with the one you love. At FabricAir we love to create optimum air dispersion solutions and we are proud to have delivered the ideal system for this chocolate production facility in Australia.

Producing premium chocolates requires an optimum production climate. This is achieved through even air dispersion that factors in the project specific conditions.

The solution we delivered to this chocolate production facility consisted of nine sets of ducts tailored in Combi 60. Each section is customized to the area in which it hangs.

Six of these sets are semi-oval, dark grey, D-shaped ducts, ideal for space optimization purposes. These are designed to replace the existing metal ducts, initially included in the project. In addition to the practical implications, the FabricAir solution also creates a clean aesthetic look. A combination of NozzFlow™ as the primary airflow and FabFlow™ as the secondary airflow ensures ideal mixing with no hot or cold spots, and eliminates the risk of condensation.

Eliminating condensation is a key factor to the project, as the elimination of condensation helps prevent microbial growth. Using permeable fabric prevents dust particles from accumulating on top of the ductwork, which is also a contributing factor to the solution’s excellent hygiene parameters. Easy laundry is another. These section are mounted using customized Type 12 suspension combined with cable instead of T-rail.  

Four of the six D-shaped sections are unique in that they are tailored with three internal membranes and suspended using triple cable and triple strap solutions. The semi-oval ducts have an impressive 3m diameter to ensure sufficient air volume. The remaining two sections of D-shaped ductwork have only one internal membrane.

Classical round ductwork make up the last three duct sections of this project. These are tailored in white Combi 60 and suspended using Type 1 AIO and Type 3 AIO respectively. All-In-One (AIO) provides an aesthetical look and ensures that the duct stays open even when the air if off.

To a project like this, it is important that the ductwork will not fall down into the production space when the air is off, as this can cause unsafe situations. AIO suspension types will prevent this from happening.

To ensure against uncomfortable drafts in the work space, the solution is designed with a combination of NozzFlow™ and FabFlow™. Creating an air zone around the circumference of the duct hinders the forming of  condensation on the ducts surfaces, and prevents dust and other particles from settling onto the ductwork.

To learn more about this project, please contact FabricAir Turkey A.Ş..

Solution specifics: NozzFlow™, FabFlow™, Type 12 suspension, Type 1 AIO, Type 3 AIO, All-In-One, Combi 60 fabric.

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