Meet Ervinas - our R&D Summer Intern

6th July 2018

The next two months our R&D Team in Alytus, Lithuania is joined by Ervinas Urbonas in a summer internship.

 Ervinas is a 22-year-old Alytus native who is currently studying a bachelor’s degree in Materials and Nanotechnologies at the Kaunas University of Technology, where he is expected to graduate in 2019. He is a highly motivated student with an average mark of 9,75 out of 10, several academic awards and three published papers.

The topic of his internship will be the resistance of materials used in FabricAir dispersion systems against corrosion in harsh environments, such as indoor swimming pools. Depending on the results of his research, Ervinas will also investigate possible solutions on how to upgrade our hardware to better endure highly corrosive environments.

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