Meet Marco – our new Account Manager in The Netherlands

Marco Schreuders – our new Account Manager in The Netherlands
9th May 2019

FabricAir BV is adding significant HVAC expertise and knowhow to the team by bringing in long-time professional Marco Schreuders.

Marco Schreuders has joined FabricAir BV as Account Manager. He is 51 years old and lives close to Rotterdam. Previously he has worked for several of the key players in the Dutch HVAC industry and is tasked with developing our activities on the local market. His love of ducting and his vast experience will be great assets to our organization and customers.

With his more than 30 years of experience in the field of HVAC, Marco Schreuders is the perfect extension of our team here in The Netherlands,” says Country Manager Ruud Meijer. “We look forward to sharing his expertise with our growing customer base.”

FabricAir BV was established in 2018 and may as such be a new player on the Dutch market, but FabricAir is no rookie. In 1973 we were the first company in the world to introduce modern fabric ducting technology. Their air dispersion solutions are sold in more than 100 countries across the globe and the systems have made a lasting impression on the industry. It was introduced as a gamechanger and it continues to challenge the convention through unrivalled performance and precision in airflow patterns.

“I look forward to working with a leading fabric duct manufacturer. The technology is exciting and offers many advantages to our clients,” says Marco Schreuders, Account Manager at FabricAir BV. “For an HVAC geek like myself this is the perfect opportunity to work with the best!”

The demand for fabric-based air dispersion solutions is growing globally as well as in The Netherlands. On the Dutch market, FabricAir BV is currently the only manufacturer with direct representation. This allows us to offer the best lead times on the market to the Dutch customers.
Marco Schreuders is tasked with developing the market further by spreading the knowledge of this unconventional technology and its many advantages.

“Fabric air dispersion is a very versatile technology in comparison with the conventional metal solutions. It is a lightweight technology and because the installation can be handled by a two-person team, it also offers significant savings,” explains Marco Schreuders. “It is the safer choice, with no risk of corrosion, and an attractive aesthetic solution for pools, sports facilities, schools, children centers and so forth.”

We are pleased to welcome Marco to the team and look forward to sharing his expertise with our customers.