Meeting high standards brings back clients with new projects

Meeting high standards brings back clients with new projects
24th August 2021

Having perfect indoor air quality and a state-of-the-art air distribution system is of the utmost importance. This is a statement that came to life for a cloth and fabric manufacturer Liningas that wove around 13 million meters of cloth every year at their facilities. Back in 2018, the company installed their first fabric-based solution in the premises of the factory and everyone, including the employees, was extremely happy with the comfort it created. 3 years later, Liningas decided to retrofit the other part of the factory with a new air distribution system and came back to FabricAir, a global fabric-based solution manufacturer, for more business.

“The greatest recognition for our company is when our clients come back wanting more of our solutions. It proves that our hard work and top-quality products have exceeded their expectations. And this is why we are setting our bar high – we strive for excellence and we never take shortcuts in our performance”, says Paulius Sarapnickis, Sales manager for Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and Russia at FabricAir.

This time, Liningas installed 285 meters of Combi 20 circular and rectangle-shaped fabric ducts which allows obtaining an optimal air velocity, suitable for a comfortable and draft-less environment. The full air volume supplied for this part of the factory is 120 000m³/h.

 This particular fabric is usually used and is rated for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. As the facility has sensitive textile spinning equipment, air distribution had to be able to deliver fresh air without creating drafts and affecting the spinning process. The ceiling-mounted system will also prevent the risks of condensation formation.

Photo courtesy: FabricAir