New Danish domicile

New domicile - goodbye Islandsvej - hello Sandvadsvej
29th May 2020

We are moving to our new domicile on Sandvadsvej 2, DK-4600 Køge, close to the highway and train station Køge N this week.

This is a historical week at FabricAir. We have said goodbye to the old office building that housed the Danish office for more than a decade and hello to a brand-new domicile. The team spirit is strong as we join forces on getting settled as quickly as possible to get back to work in our new location.

It’s been a fun week, and as boxes were packed and unpacked across our Danish organization we have had ample opportunity to work with colleagues we do not usually collaborate as much with in our daily routines. Now the coffee machine and printer are up and running, the majority of boxes have been emptied and everyone have started to settled in to the new routines.

FabricAir is a company that keeps evolving. From humble beginnings on Vordingborgvej in 1973 through five decades of global expansion, technological advancement, innovative air engineering and improved production methods to a new HQ supporting clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. We work with two simple ideas in mind “make it better and make it easier” to enhance the technology and ensure that we are easy to do business with. This week undeniably feels like the beginning of a new amazing epoque with lots of exciting things happening across the global organization. We look forward to share it with you!