The new faces of 2019

The New Faces of 2019
20th December 2019

As the year 2019 is coming to an end we would like to summarize the many new and talented colleagues we have welcomed throughout the year across our global organization.

We have had an exciting year where we have seen many new initiatives and projects come to life. We have strengthened departments across the entire organization and now to look toward 2020 with a strong and dedicated team in place. 

Our people are the backbone of our company; they are the key to our success and the reason why we can offer value above and beyond what any conventional air dispersion solution does.

It is thus with great pride that we, without further ado, present to you the added faces of 2019: Aidas, Sergei, Agnė, Andrius, Arturas, Paulius G, Indrė, Hugh, Hanson, Brian T, José, Marco, Jonas, Mert, Tom, and Bobbi.

The Software Development Department

Last year we established a new Software Development Department, situated in our branch office in Vilnius, Lithuania and run by the highly capable Paulius Bareika. The team is tasked with enhancing the various software that our professionals are using across the organization, making us easier to do business with. 

Paulius Guobys, Software Developer, LT

Paulius joined us in August. He is 24 years old and currently studying “Programming and Internet Technologies” at the Vilnius Business College. His natural curiosity and interest in innovations is the drive behind his quest to create software that helps our colleagues to work more efficiently. 

Artūras Voidogas, Software Developer, LT

Artūras Voidogas is the newest member of the team, as he joined us in October. 

He is 30 years old and came to us with a couple of years of experience in software development from an insurance company. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering and also holds a degree in Social Policy. His spare time is among other things spent on board games and youth work. 

Andrius Sirtautas, Software Developer, Lithuania 

Andrius studied on Denmark and recently returned to Lithuania, where he joined us in April. He holds a B.Sc. degree in “Global Business Informatics, IT in a social context, businesses, the global world” from the IT University of Copenhagen., and a M.Sc. in “Business Administration and Information Systems” from Copenhagen Business School. 

During his bachelor studies, he worked as an assistant at the university and during his master studies as an assistant within Business IT at Maersk Oil. After graduating, he has worked as an IT consultant focused on automatization processes with data transferring. 

The R&D Department

Our mantra is “make it better and make it easier” and our R&D team is continuously working toward this notion to ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovation within air engineering technology. 

Over the past few years we have established a new AirLab for testing existing technology, prototypes and ideas. Initially this had led to product improvements across the entire portfolio and to the introduction of new, groundbreaking technologies, such as the FabricAir® VarioDuct™

Aidas Aleksa, Installer, R&D, LT 

In January, Installer Aidas joined the team. His background as electric installer makes him the ideal handyman, supporting the team with practical tasks, such as installing and assembling duct systems and prototypes, working with and improving suspension parts and so forth.

Aidas is 42 years old and a native of Alytus. One of his hobbies is to work with motorcycles where he applies his practical skills and imagination. Prior to joining us, he has served 16 years is the Lithuanian military.

Agnė Aliukonytė, Materials Engineer, Lithuania

In February the team was further boosted with the addition of Agnė, who is a Materials Engineer. She plays an important part in our product development and deals with all material-related issues, in addition to managing tests and securing documentation.

Agnė is 22 years old and comes from Alytus. She is a graduate from Kaunas University of Technology where she studied Chemical Technology and Engineering, specialized in Technology of Organic Materials. During her study years, Agnė has gained some international experience at University of Eastern Finland via a student exchange program.  

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department works in close collaboration with the other departments to improve our portfolio and services. Our air engineering experts form the backbone of our deliveries and work globally across all the organizations that for the FabricAir family.

Sergei Sarkisov, Engineering, LT 

Just before New Year the Engineering Department welcomed Sergei, whose primary area of work is calculations and drawings for quotes.

The past couple of years, Sergei has lived in Alytus, Lithuania, where he has been working as a construction engineer in the field of furniture development and design. Before joining us. He is 51 years old and graduated as Civil Engineer from Belorussian National Technical University in Minsk, Belarus. His impressive engineering experience includes water supply, building engineering, operating, planning and supervising construction work.

The Marketing Department

Supporting the global organization and working the behind the scenes magic that leads to new literature, videos, case studies, websites, social media entries and the lot, is the pleasure of the Marketing Department.

The department encompasses many skills sets ranging from communications, to graphic design, to conventional marketing, to sales support and everything in between. It is one of the most diverse teams, as they are spread throughout the global organization in the various sales companies and includes our very own inhouse Media Workshop.

Indrė Mikavičiūtè, Graphic Designer, LT

In May our Media Workshop was joined by Indrė, who is a 35-year-old Alytus native and a skilled graphic designer. She holds bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Arts University Bournemouth, UK, and a B.Sc. (Honors) in Mass Media Engineering with marketing as subsidiary subject from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. During her career, she has worked with print, digital media, web and social media. This experience is being put to good use here at FabricAir, where she supports our global marketing efforts.

Mert Şeşen, Marketing Coordinator & Business Administration Assistant, TR

Mert joined FabricAir Turkey in May. He doubles as both Marketing Coordinator and Business Administration Assistant and he has proven himself as a valuable addition to both teams. He is 29 years old and holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies. His primary interests are intercultural affairs and marketing.

The Sales Department

The Sales Department consist of regional teams each covering a designated territory. We have local representation through our sales companies in 11 areas and more than 180 distributors worldwide to service our customers. The customer base steadily continues to grow, and we now have customers across more than 100 countries.

Hanson He Song, Sales Director, China

Hanson (He Song) joined our Chinese organization in February, as part of the local management team. With more than 25 years of experience from business development in the Chinese HVAC industry, he has the ideal foundation to further develop our business in the region. He is a graduate from Beijing University and holds an Engineering Degree in Thermal Energy.

José Manuel Ríos Grau, Inside Sales Engineer, Spain

In February, the Inside Sales Team was joined by José, who primarily works with supporting the Spanish office. He is 25 years old and has recently completed his Mechanical Engineering studies at the university of Zaragoza.

Hugh Hu, Regional Sales Manager, East China

Hugh joined FabricAir China in July 2019. He has worked with fabric-based air dispersion and sales in his previous job, so he is well versed on fabric ducting technology and the opportunities it represents.

Marco Schreuders, Account Manager, the Netherlands

The new Dutch organization was strengthened in April, when Marco Schreuders joined us as Account Manager in the Netherlands. He is tasked with developing the market and is responsible for sales in West Netherlands and specific key accounts. He has more than 25 years of experience within the field of HVAC, where he has been working for several key players in the Netherlands as account manager, business owner and project leader.

Marco is 51 years old and lives in Ridderkerk close to Rotterdam.

Brian Thornberg, Inside Sales Engineer for Nordic Countries, Denmark

In May, our Nordic organizations welcomed a new key player, Brian Thornberg, who joins us as Inside Sales Engineer for the Nordic Countries. He has an educational background as Export Technician with focus on sales, production and marketing. He is 41 years old, married and father of twins.

Jonas Echberg Nielsen, Sales Engineer, DK

The Nordic sales team was joined by Jonas in May. He has a background as B.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering, and a couple of years of experience from the industry.
In his spare time Jonas is a gymnastics coach in the local sports club, where he coaches a team of boys and girls from 4th to 9th grade in a fun and challenging way.

Bobbi Barefoot, Territory Sales Manager, US

FabricAir U.S. welcomed Bobbi Barefoot in May. She is the Territory Sales Manager in the Southeastern United States, covering North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Bobbi has a wealth of experience working in the HVAC industry, where she has worked her entire career in one way or the other. Her background is an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering, she holds a current Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors license in North Carolina and a North Carolina Level III Mechanical Code Official Certification.

Tom Boothe, Territory Sales Manager, US

In May, our U.S. team also welcomed Tom Boothe as new Territory Sales Manager. He is responsible for the Central US States of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Tom is a highly experienced HVAC professional, with more than 20 years of design, fabrication, construction, and facilities experience. He has a master’s degree in Aeronautical Sciences from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a bachelor’s degree in Business & Commerce from the University of Houston in Texas.