Season's greeting from FabricAir

Season's Greeting from FabricAir
20th December 2019

 An exciting year in fabric air dispersion is coming to an end and an even more exciting year is about to begin. We have been looking forward to sharing this flashback with you, and especially to provide a sneak-peak of what is to come in 2020.

2019 began with the launch of the FabricAir® VarioDuct™. This was a long awaited solution that efficiently and intelligently combines two separate airflow patterns in the same duct. This enables perfect optimization for two different scenarios, for example summer and winter seasons with separate airflow requirements for heating and cooling.

We launched a new product catalogue that features additional aesthetic customization options including 1100 custom colors and creative expression opportunities through seamless patterns, logos and lettering.

We are continuously working on optimizing and improving our product portfolio, refining and rethinking our technology. The upgraded end cap and All-in-One pockets are good examples of this, where we have improved the appearance of the product to create a smoother, more aesthetic look. Identifying such areas of improvement is done through a collaboration between our quality assurance, production, sales and R&D Department. We use random sampling and a strict adherence to quality procedures to ensure the best possible product for our customers.

As the year progressed, we have met many of you during the various tradeshows across the globe. This is something we enjoy thoroughly, as it gives us a unique opportunity to present ourselves to you and the HVAC community, get your feedback and share our visions for the future of air dispersion.

In 2019 we exhibited at the AHR in Atlanta, C&R in Madrid, ISH in Frankfurt am Main, CAM in Detroit, SportsFair in Fredericia, Installatie Vakbeurs in Gorinchem, CRH in Shanghai, Austrian Air Day in Linz, Installatie & Elektro Vakbeurs in Hardenberg, ISK-Sodex in İstanbul, InterClima in Paris, Kälte Klima Tag in Vienna, and Big5 HVAC Expo in Dubai.

We hope to see many of you again in 2020, where we currently have the following exhibitions planned: AHR in Orlando, VSK in Utrecht, Mostra Convegno in Milan, CRH in Wuhan, and the Danish show Brancheudstillingen Idræt, Kultur & Fritid in Vingsted.

 What will the near future bring?

Our mantra is "make it better and make it easier" and this is the guiding principle behind everything we do. When we launched the new AirLab in the beginning of 2018 we did so to ensure that we keep being at the forefront of innovation, always providing the best air dispersion technology the market can offer.

The R&D team is tasked with creating new products, but also testing and upgrading our existing product portfolio. They look for small changes that makes our products better and easier to work with. During the year they have been testing various adjustable cable drop solutions to ensure that they meet our high quality demands.

The result of this testing has led to an upgraded standard offering for the adjustable cable drop. Our installation teams are estimating significant time savings from this new component and we are happy to say it will be in stock by the end of January.

We have also been working on upgrading our selection of shape retention options. A key quest in our research has been how to minimize the inevitable added friction and consequent pressure loss resulting from internal shape retention structures. We are very excited to say this quest has been successful and we are about to launch a new upgraded shape retention option: The Internal 360° Hoops, which keeps the duct work perfectly round regardless of whether the airflow is on or off, while diminishing the pressure loss. Stay tuned for release in January.

As the holiday season approaches, we would like to thank our valued customers, contacts and colleagues for your contributions and collaboration through the years. We cannot do this without you and we are proud to cater to your air engineering needs.

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season.

Best wishes,
Your team at FabricAir