The shortest lead time all summer long

Package arriving on time at customer location
24th June 2019

FabricAir keeps the same short lead times even across the summer vacation time. Last year, 99,7% of all orders arrived on time, which is by far the best on the market. We’ve asked our VP of production and Logistics what his secret is. Here’s what he said.

"The secret really isn’t a secret: we are just well-prepared." Says Lars Jakobsen, VP of Production and Logistics at FabricAir. He elaborates: "Our warehouse is fully stocked based on our sales projections for the summer period. We keep our production running throughout the summer and we’ve planned vacations accordingly, which means our capacity is carefully attuned."

FabricAir has a standard lead time of two to three weeks from order release to arrival on site, ready for installation, depending on location of the customer. This is the best lead time on the market, and we are very proud of it. It is something we work hard to maintain and nurture through efficient planning and strict quality procedures.

We ship through a well-renowned global company, which can guarantee the best service for our customers.

"Our logistic systems run like a well-lubricated machine. We ship orders daily and through our carefully chosen delivery service, we can achieve very fast delivery times. As an example, we can ship within Europe on a day to day basis and to the USA in just three days. This is quite impressive!” Says Lars Jakobsen, and continues:

"In 2018, we only experienced delays on 3 out of a thousand orders. This means 99,7% of all orders arrived on time! Even if the delay was just one day, we registered it as a late delivery. So, having only three such cases out of a thousand is quite unique and something none of our competitors can match."

When most people across the globe are enjoying their summer holidays, a team of capable and dedicated people are keeping busy at our fully owned production facility in Alytus, Lithuania.

"We continuously optimize our production to ensure that we can meet or exceed demand. We keep evaluating and strengthening to make sure, we are in tune with the ever-increasing demand. This is how we manage to keep pace with our company’s growth and increase our capacity at the necessary rate." Explains Lars Jakobsen.

Quality assurance is an important part of our procedures. There are several quality checkpoints along the production line and once an order is produced, we do a final inspection before the ducting, suspensions parts etc. are packaged for shipping. All relevant documents, such as installation guide and maintenance manual, are added to a document bag, which is carefully placed in Box no. 1.

"One of the advantages of a FabricAir dispersion system is that we are easy to do business with. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers always receive their orders on time, which enables them to finish their project on time and within budget." Says Lars Jakobsen, and finishes

We wish all customers and colleagues a nice and warm summer – we’re ready to execute your orders while you’re off on your holidays, so lean back and relax! Have a nice vacation or as we say in Danish: God sommerferie!"