UAB FabricAir celebrates 15-year anniversary

UAB FabricAir celebrates 15-year anniversary
1st June 2018

May 1st not only marked the International Labor Day, it also marked an important step in the history of FabricAir; 15 years ago, we established UAB FabricAir.

Over the years our Alytus-based production facility has grown from housing the initial 12 employees, to a production hub with specialized cutting and sewing departments, a logistics center, the R&D department and our in-house Media Workshop. All in all, employing 85 in total.

The story of how FabricAir came to Alytus

The facility in Alytus, Lithuania, is the site where the visions and dreams of customers and engineers become real. It is the hub from which all FabricAir Dispersion Systems are shipped out to our customers in approx. 100 countries across the globe. In addition to our production it houses our Air Lab, R&D Department and in-house Media Workshop and much more.

Together we create solutions – this has been an important internal mantra for many years. Being a relatively small company in terms of employees, but a huge company in terms of global spread, requires great cross-border collaboration. We are many nationalities working side by side in different countries to deliver world class customers service.

The story of FabricAir began in Denmark in 1973. Throughout the 80s and 90s our unique air dispersion technology gained worldwide recognition and by the early 00s global demand was outgrowing our original Danish production facilities.

Brian Refsgaard, CEO, and Michael G Mortensen, who at that time served as Production Manager, recall their discussions at the time: move to a bigger location in Denmark or look for a future-proof solution outside the small Kingdom of HC Andersen’s fairytales.

By chance a unique opportunity presented itself in 2003. Through their network, they found a factory in Alytus who could support the Danish production facility. Brian and Michael soon boarded an airplane to check out this new location made possible by the changes that had swept across Europe in the last decade, expanding the European Union significantly.

They soon learned that Alytus was home to some of the best seamstresses in Europe and thus a cluster for fabric-based productions incl. interior design items. This was the perfect spot for FabricAir, ensuring a production geared for the future, with the rapid growth in demand for FabricAir Dispersion Systems.

What began as a coincidental opportunity, quickly became a 50% stake in the Alytus-based production facility and the decision was made to establish a Lithuanian company. On May 1st, 2003, UAB FabricAir was a reality.

In 2005 the Alytus production facility became a fully owned FabricAir facility and it is continuously being upgraded to stay at the forefront of innovation in air engineering technology.