Why are we excited about AHR 20 in Orlando?

See you at booth 2251 during AHR in Orlando, February 3-5, 2020
31st January 2020

Next week the HVAC/R Community gathers for the annual AHR conference and exhibition. This is the event of the year in North America and something we spent many months preparing. We would like to share why we are so excited and hope to see you there.

The AHR show is the first chance of the year to show what the future of air dispersion looks like through our blue, green and red colored glasses; a chance to unveil new solutions and upgrades.

This alone is quite exciting; however, in talking to everyone about why they are so eager for the show, meeting clients, sharing knowledge and gaining insights are important aspects.

Chuck Justice our Vice President of Sales at FabricAir, Inc. explains:

“I look forward to ASHRAE so I can look back at it! This is a chance to connect with new potential clients and old friends. We get to meet new people in the industry, find out their pain points and hopefully apply our solution to help them.”

Ricki Moran, our US Finance & HR Manager and part of the US management team elaborates:

“We look forward to connecting with other professionals in the HVAC/R community; every aspect of the industry is represented, so we know we will have a large and varied audience. It is a place to connect and build new business relationships and strengthen existing.”

Bobbi Barefoot, Territory Sales Manager in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, adds:

“An opportunity like this to meet and connect with existing and potential customers, is also an opportunity to enhance brand awareness and even close a few deals. In talking to people, I learn what works and what doesn't and gain more knowledge of your industry.”

The FabricAir booth, no. 2251, gathers the entire team and includes colleagues from across the globe. It’s an event that gathers everyone, building and sharing the FabricAir team spirit.

Our CEO, Brian Refsgaard, flies in from Denmark to greet the team and our customers. We have Tomas Brucas from our Media Workshop, flying in from Lithuania to ensure the booth looks its best. And we bring together the entire US team from across the whole country.

Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of the tradeshow and conference, both for us internally at FabricAir, and with the industry as a whole.

“ASHRAE is a unique opportunity to gain additional insight on activities in various markets and identify new opportunities. I enjoy checking out new products and initiatives within the HVAC industry and discuss representatives’ strategy; objectives, opportunities and address any perceived issues or problems.” Explains Chuck Justice.

And last but definitively not least, the AHR show is an opportunity to show the HVAC/R community what we’ve been working on in the past year.

We are very excited to showcase our many product upgrades, including our shape retention options, which is an area that received a lot of focus in the months leading up to the show.

“FabricAir is especially excited to show our newest color, shape and dispersion technologies. We love discovering other manufacturer's innovations and see how they will shape the future of the industry.” Explains Ricki Moran, and Chuck Justice elaborates:

“New product launch is always exciting. It provides a great opportunity to get feedback, gauge interest level and identify opportunities to implement the technology.”

The FabricAir booth will feature the new FabricAir® VarioDuct™, the 1100 custom colors and seamless patterns options, the Internal 360° Hoops, which is the latest upgrade to our shape retention options and our new CFD Service concept, which we have been looking forward to sharing with the HVAC/R community for many months now.

We look forward to seeing you at booth 2251 during AHR in Orlando, February 3-5, 2020.