Seamless transition to advanced IT solution

Seamless transition to advanced IT solution
28th November 2016

We have been working tirelessly to optimize our processes and have launched a new IT system, which future-proofs our production planning and ensures efficient handling of complex orders from design to packaging.

We have integrated all FabricAir offices worldwide on the same platform, allowing your local engineer to design your smart air solution using our proprietary 3D design software. This ensures that we continue to be a solutions provider that’s easy to do business with.

The IT transition is the latest initiative in a long-term strategy which focusses on creating value for our clients. In 2012 we launched the advanced laser-based micro-perforation cutter technology that allows us to precision cut flow models with millions of perforations. Building on this advanced technology, we continuously adapt our design software to match our clients’ needs.

The latest IT update integrates our packaging program with our ERP system and 3D design software to provide yet another check point and ensure the quality and accuracy of your orders. We are proud to have an average lead time just shy of 13 calendar days from order release to delivery on building site.

The transition has been seamless and all orders have been shipped on time.